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MW 4.4 Level Full Map Generator - WSW's Toolbox

Generate a full map for your MW 4.4 level!

MW 4.4 Level Full Map Generator

Wanna have a panoramic view to your Mario Worker 4.4 level? Why not try this :P


- This is an ONLINE TOOL, the procedure of map generation will be run in backend. Though this tool won't store your file, considering this is an online tool, if you REALLY CARE ABOUT your privacy and security of the level (i.e. afraid of a WIP level being leaked), don't use this tool.
- This tool supports Mario Worker 4.0 / 4.4 by Softendo (The one attached to Mario Forever 4.0) and Super Mario Worker Project 0.1 - 1.7 by Innovation Leap. Other MW-like editors and Mario Worker 1.0 is not supported by this tool.
- This tool only supports .mfl / .smwl format level (both compressed / uncompressed), scenarios are not supported.
- Maximun size supported is 300,000 blocks. (width * height < 307,200,000 pixels) (But who will make a level of this large?)
- This tool doesn't support Internet Explorer.

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